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Unimars holding participated in the International Fishery Forum and the Exhibition of the Fish Industry "Seafood Expo Russia 2019" (06.08.2019)

July 10 - 12, 2019
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Exhibition Center "Expoforum"

Seafood and Technology (GLOBAL FISHERY FORUM & SEAFOOD EXPO 2019), where the company participated not only as an exhibitor, but also as a speaker, making a presentation of its services.

During the presentation, special attention was paid to the potential of the company in the field of maintenance and repair of radio navigation equipment, which the company acquired after ERNC company (ElectroRadioNavigation Camera Ltd.) has joined the holding.  ElectroRadioNavigation Camera Ltd. originates from the formation of the “Management of the Tanker Fleet” in 1964 in the city of Novorossiysk (hereinafter – the Novorossiysk Shipping Company).